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We work tirelessly with you to defend your case and optimize support to achieve favorably

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You can legally repair your credit utilizing consumer protection laws such as the Fair Credit Reporting Act, Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, and Much more. We not only work to repair your credit, but we also provide you the tools you need to educate you for a lifetime of success. Our proven credit repair process will do almost all the work for you while giving you support from start to finish.


Experienced Tools for Consumer Credit, Business Funding, and Mortgage Approvals Intimately Involved in Your Credit Repair Experience Active Support Throughout the Entire Process.


Personalized Credit Repair Options to Fit Your Situation Experienced Analyst and Case Adviser Who Personally Work With You Through the Entire Process Custom Credit Challenges Created For Your Case24/7 Access to Your Case Status and Progress

Credit Repair Process



Step 1: Credit Analysis

We go over your credit report with you to find negative items that are inaccurate, help you understand the process of credit repair, and prepare a plan of action with you to improve your credit.

Step 2:

We work with the credit bureaus and your creditors to challenge the negative report items that affect your credit score using our legal team.

Step 3: Track Progress

Sit back and let us handle the work. You can see your client portal 24/7 for live status updates on improvements on your credit report.

Step 4: Credit Restoration

We will do our best to maximize your results using our custom tactics on the bureaus so you can restore your credit and achieve your credit goals.


Jorge and Angela Padilla
Jorge and Angela Padilla
Local Guide
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If you have credit issues, Gerard and his team are the go-to professionals that you need! I used to have excellent credit, but my participation in the HARP program (more like HARM program) and two late payments sent my score into the low 600's. I explained my situation to Gerard, and he did the necessary legwork to contact each of the companies who had written a derogatory remark. In less than a month of Paradigm Credit's help, my score jumped into the high 700's, and once I paid off a high credit card account, my newly "spotless" record launched me into the low 800's. Perfect timing too as we were getting ready to refinance our home. Not only did we qualify for a much lower interest rate, the amount of money we will be saving over the lifetime of the loan is thousands and thousands more than what we paid to get our credit fixed in the first place. One last comment: recently, my youngest was getting ready to rent a property, and needed to check on his credit. I referred him to Gerard. Instead of taking advantage of a young person and getting him to pay for a service he didn't need, Gerard listened to his questions, offered some sound advice, and let him know that his services wouldn't be needed at this time. It's refreshing to know that there are still companies out there that care more about the client than making money for themselves. I will continue recommending Paradigm Credit Repair services to everyone needing to improve their credit. Thank you so much, Gerard and your team!
Stacy Estes
Stacy Estes
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I definitely recommend Paradigm Credit Repair. As a loan officer I run across clients needing help quite often. At Paradigm they don’t take forever like a lot of companies who charge by the month who are just milking the clients monthly while dragging their feet. Paradigm is different where they collect a reasonable price upfront and GET IT DONE! Gerard is amazing!
Madylv Sweetpea
Madylv Sweetpea
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My husband and I were referred to Paradigm Credit Repair by our tax preparer. I was a bit skeptical at first, but from the very first phone call, Gerard made us feel comfortable and at ease. Our credit is not the best but since signing up with Paradigm, Gerard has helped to remove some accounts and our credit score has climbed. I can’t wait for it to climb even higher so we can purchase our first home here in California! Thanks Gerard!
Best of all - You Only Pay for What is Corrected?


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